The idea of connecting yachting enthusiasts through state-of-the-art technology could not have been born elsewhere than at sea. Yachting is a symbol of freedom in the widest sense of the word; it is a lifestyle that opens up new horizons. While waiting in front of a crowded marina, you often encounter a world full of restrictions. And that was the moment when NAYVU was born! How about connecting those who want to berth with those who have free spots via a global electronic platform? Thanks to NAYVU, your sense of freedom does not end upon arriving at the marina. From now on you’ll have a perfect overview of free berths, including current offers and active discounts. Put an end to queues and unnecessary stress!

If you have a long-term berth lease, you can simply offer it for sublease via NAYVU while on the go. You’ll get back some of the investment and a number of other user benefits. The more free berths you offer, the greater the selection of berths you will have on your voyages. You can now try NAYVU in Croatia and soon in other countries. NAYVU delivers perfect freedom - just raise the anchor!


Help line (8:00 – 20:00 CET):
+385 (1) 3000 773

Maja Banovčanin – Project Manager
+385 95 5755 427

Jan Urban – Project Manager
+420 774 199 214
+420 281 080 439

ID no. in the Czech republic is 06309968

Nayvu s.r.o.
V závětří 1478/6
170 00 Prague
Czech Republic