Once-empty berths, long queues and the need to send yachts away to other marinas? NAYVU delivers a simple solution! With us, enable the flexible use of long-leased berths to all yachters! The users of your berths just need to enter the dates they are away into the system, and you can then provide free berths to the arriving boats. Optimize your marina’s utilization and increase your profit at no additional cost. Of course, all associated services in your marina as well as your visitors will also benefit from this. Become a part of the unique NAYVU mobile application and keep up with the times. If you also motivate your clients with interesting discounts at a time of lower demand for berths, you will obtain an interesting competitive advantage. Thanks to NAYVU, you also have a detailed overview of the movement of long-term lessees, and every day they’re on the go means more profit for you.

NAYVU benefits for Marinas

More significant income from the berths under the contract. Automatic online optimization of all berths’ utilization throughout the year. Increased visitor rate and turnover of associated services. Possibility to monitor the movement of clients. Space for communication at the global online platform level.


Message us at info@nayvu.com and our sales representative will contact you and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

You can also contact Project Manager Jan Urban at: jan.urban@nayvu.com.